Is there a way to make DuckDuckGo send the page source as multiple lines?

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Created: 5 years and 2 months ago • Updated: 5 years and 2 months ago
More for personal use/code hobbying really, but I'm making a mod for a game called Blockland that can query DuckDuckGo for quick answer results. But the game engine has a limitation that causes it to crash when sent strings that are extremely long (10000+ characters), and this has come up because DuckDuckGo appears to send the HTML source all in a single line. Is there a debug parameter or something I can use where the server will send the source in a more 'normal' format?

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You might want to look at the DuckDuckGo API . By using it, you can get DuckDuckGo instant answers in JSON or XML format.

For example,
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Thanks! This helps a lot.
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