Exporting data from DDG's Android app

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Created: 5 years and 2 months ago • Updated: 5 years and 2 months ago
I have noticed that I never use the app to perform web search, because it is quite slow and bloated with ads. Since DDG is the default search engine on the browser, which is way more convenient (tabs, bookmarks, history, ad-blocking...), I see no point in using the app for search. Instead, I have only used it as a news aggregator thanks to the "stories" feature.
Now, I have some interesting stories that I had saved and am wondering if there is some way to export them all at once to my computer before I uninstall the app.

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I'm very curious why you find it slow and bloated with ads. We only ever have one ad as opposed to many in other search engines.

Slowness could be a bug of some sort -- what area of the world are you in?

In terms of the stories, unfortunately we have no data export feature right now.
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Alright, thanks for answering, yegg.
I was referring to ads on external sites, not DDG, obviously. My phone is not "rooted" and I don't know of any way to block ads that show up while browsing inside the app (i.e. clicking a search result, and then a link on that page, etc...). Ads often take a lot of screen estate and bandwidth on mobile devices and are overall quite annoying. Perhaps "slow" wasn't appropriate. Ads are what bothers me the most.
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Ahh, gotcha! We hadn't considered that, but very interesting data point. Thanks for that.
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