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hi. i noticed yesterday that the DDG home page was slow loading again. i had this happen before, but it seemed to have been corrected (not by me). yesterday, it started again, then seemed again to correct itself. this morning, it's just as bad as yesterday. anyone know what's going on? i appreciate the need for security etc, which is why i use DDG, but to keep having an issue with loading the browser (waterfox or firefox latest versions) and DDG homepage is getting a bit tedious.

anyone have ideas or solutions, please?

just found out that the slow loading is not happening with IE11. with Waterfox x64 or Firefox x86, the browser takes 7-10secs to load. the spinner at top left of page actually comes to a complete stop, then the page 'jumps' on to the screen! most frustrating!!

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That's strange that it is just in one browser.

A couple of questions/things to try:

1) If you clear your cache completely does it go faster?

2) If you go to this page is it fast?

This bypasses SSL (not generally recommended), but could isolate the issue to that.
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i've been playing with this all day and still dont know what is the real cause. i've tried removing firefox, waterfox and all addons and bookmarks, starting from scratch.
i suspect a privacy setting such as 'Better Privacy' or 'Do Not Track' may be at fault, but removing/adding them seems to be unhelpful. it could even be something to do with LSOs. i just dont seem to be able to pin it down!
i am using the '' as instructed, but it doesn't appear to be that.
i have obviously changed something in the last little while because, fingers and toes crossed, it appears to be ok atm. i hope the developers of Waterfox and Firefox are interested enough to check out what's happening. the whole idea of using DDG with security settings is to try to maintain a bit of anonymity, given the way the world and his wife are watching what everyone is doing on the net (and i still say, more than anything, it's because Hollywood and the entertainment industries are bribing US Congress to do so!). if it's being interfered with so as to remove that anonymity, the need for a VPN is climbing the list of needs really fast! until, that is, those services get outlawed as i am convinced Cameron in the UK is already doing! he is worse than the N.Koreans!!
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Glad it is working better though sorry you had to go through all of that!
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i think the real culprit is 'MaskMe'. i removed that addon and things are definitely faster, basically, back to normal. when i contacted them i was told that the addon is optimised for Firefox, so to switch to that. as i had not used it with Firefox before, i dont know whether the issue would be apparent or not. however, as the intention, as i said above, is to maintain some privacy, why would i swap to a less secure browser, which only runs x86 anyway? the idea of maskme is to add to that privacy. seems bloody stupid to tell me to use a less secure browser! had no further response from the female who replied first time.

any thoughts, people?
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