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Created: 5 years and 2 months ago

I'm learning about SEO and that's how I 'discovered' DuckDuckGo. :-)

Now, I believe that many of SEOs are not happy with the way how Google is handling SEO people by giving us 'not provided' keyword, favourizing big sites/brands and leaving small sites/business open to 'negative SEO' attacks by penalizing bad links.

That's why I consider it's not smart to 'put all eggs in one basket'., but, otoh, SEO people are generating lot of searches which can help wider adoption of DDG. :-)

Now I'm evaluating one SEO tool called AWR which can provide 'localized search' by selecting specific ' Google engine' - either by country or even by providing location's lat/long.

I understand that with DDG I can select my preferred region, but wonder how it could be possible to use such setting to create localized search engine within the application itself?

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Dock have some guidelines like google?, it helps for web design and content creation thinking on this search engine.
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the same
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so all you want is the secret sauce...
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