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Created: 5 years and 2 months ago
New to DDG
Just installed... after suggesting Start Page engine, to colleagues.

I was half-watching a TV review of 2013 news piece, where Julian Assange?, was doorstepped, and he made a comment, repeated in the link below* ref:-
'...switch to Linux, for additional security/safety...?'

Is this practical and still relevant, for a day-to-day, home PC user, currently using W7 M/soft - Firefox - StartPage & now DDG?

*Times, and the National Newspaper Publishers
How To Remain Secure Against NSA Surveillance ...

Sep 5, 2013 ... That's where their capabilities best scale. ... How To Remain Secure Against NSA
Surveillance .... Linux would be safer. ... all-day Global Network 22nd Annual
Conference @ La Casa de Maria Retreat and Conference Center ... Freedom (8)
Iran (12) Iraq (5) Israel (48) Japan (7) Julian Assange (13) Labor ...

Thanks for any feedback from those in the know or who have considered this possibility


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UHH, it's not rly about OS, it's way more up to you to customize your OS properly and without third party being into ya.
However I agree Linux is safer way if you know wat u r doing, dont get me wrong I prefer Linux more then Windowz.
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so do i and i have found Linux the best os system going. my laptop broke down which was a dell. I had bought two of them years ago Inspiron 6400 i think. when i ask them to send down the code so i could put it in order. Dell and face-book they called me a lair, so i have never bought a dell laptop for the grandchildren as presents. I now buy all the Linux mags with the disks and i have never looked back and its cheaper.
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It's because they though you are trying to social engineer them.

By the way there is no need for buying any Linux magazine, Linux community is open for all, its mostly open source. As tophattedcoder said

All info you get from those magazines are already online and all discs you get are free to download from distro repositories.
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Linux is much more customisable than Windows and Mac thanks to it's UNIX inspiration and most distros are open-source so you can always check for yourself is there's any malicious code. Also, most distros have package managers that you must install everything from. These package managers are mostly community-maintained and open-source and so have very good methods of ensuring software is legit and secure, such as Debian's APT and Arch Linux's pacman.
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I appreciate this feedback

You may gather that I am no expert.
However, as one of my drives has now been 'trojaned!' and refuses to boot, this is a good opportunity for a clean start, and for me to go through the possible switch to Linux, through my local expert.

Thanks again
good fortune for 2014

keep those noses clean and out of the snowshine

good luck
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