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So I have suggested quite simple bug which consume not more then 30 minute for job to be done.
Yet none of DDG staff did even respond to my topic. Not to mention it was posted 12 days ago.

My report: https://duck.co/ideas/idea/823/ej

I am aware you are small group of people, but you know what? I don't give a duck, cuz that's not a reason for people to be mercy to you. You should be aware more and more members join community which will pull more and more questions, suggestions, bug reports, ideas, basically anything and if you are not going to work as it's supposed, whole project will fall apart cuz people will get pissed, I will be the first one to leave negative feedback all over the ducking internet and trust me I am good when it comes to SEO.

Why am I talking like this? Well, first of all, you should be ashamed, because @yegg invested so much money into project yet you are feeling comfortable not giving single duck.

I know, this thread might be overreaction, but hell, If you are not capable of fixing simple URL bug, who knows how much time you will need to fix some serious stuff like possibly redirection TOR leaking and stuff that needed more then 6 months to be fixed. instead of instant.

You think google were google since start? No, they were working 24/7 and that's what people like to see, activity, changes, seriousness, support.... don't forget: time is money.


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Thank you all for the many comments, questions and suggestions. Particular thanks go to user x.15a2 for constantly monitoring, replying and helping so many users here. To continue these discussions, please head over to the DuckDuckGo subreddit.

Got a notification :). Seriously, we/I appreciate the feedback.

Please first know that the community platform (this site) is completely open source and independent from the main search engine (duckduckgo.com). While we do have dedicated staff that support it, it is understaffed and we are actively looking for help (both volunteer and paid).

The best way to report community platform issues at https://github.com/duckduckgo/community-.... The ideas forum you referenced is strictly for instant answer ideas, which is probably why it was flagged as not an instant answer idea there.

That said, this particular issue is probably my fault. I didn't want people ultimately confusing user pages with regular pages and so internally argued for moving them to /user/. Not all changes have been made as a repercussion of this action. Additionally, it has been some time between releases. The latter we're working on. That is, we're trying to move to more weekly releases of the community platform and be more transparent about what is being worked on.
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I appreciate your reply,
Well, first of all I think https://github.com/duckduckgo/community-... should also be moved to duck.co/forum tab.
Since, there is no official community platform bug report contact.

On topic, I understand why you added /user/ part, it's understandable and honestly I have nothing against it.
It's just that staff slowness when it comes to action, you guys really need some kind of turbo to burst the speed.
I have suggested many things none of them have been added, even !bang command.

Hopefully there will be some changes in future.
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To expand on yegg's notes, we absolutely want more community involvement and insight into the things that are going on. The entire goal of the platform is to make a watering hole where everyone gets together to improve DuckDuckGo and shape it with the community.
A couple weeks ago, we started doing weekly Community Activity emails to the DuckDuckHack developers list to help the devs in our open source community see which things the community is asking for (via posts to the ideas forum, github issues/improvements, etc.) and which things we could use help on.
We've done a lot of growing in the past 6 months and, unfortunately, the open source developer side hasn't kept pace. When we spotted the lag in turnaround for community stuff, we completely overhauled everything and it spurred building the forum, the notifications system, the ideas submissions, etc. It's quite a lot of work for a couple of people but we definitely understand that it could be greatly improved.
To that end, we're also in the midst of a more robust, "community leader" program for outstanding contributors so that we can both highlight the people who are helping us (a little help goes a long long way for a team our size) and help organize the community into a more team-based system.
To help get more interaction between developers and non-developers, we plan to add github activity directly to the community platform so that all reporting, updates, comments, etc. can be viewed in one place (since more segmentation means less interaction).

Sincere apologies if there's any frustration, however, the language used in your post is not tolerated by anyone in this community, regardless of the circumstances. The forum rules were voted on by the community and should always be considered before posting.
The general community guideline is to delete posts that violate the community rules, especially offensive posts. We'd definitely like to address any/all feedback of any/all community members and I believe this may lead to a valuable discussion of how we can better improve community transparency and involvement. For that reason, can you please edit your post to remove the offensive language? I would like to keep this conversation going here but nobody should have to read that---
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Thanks for updating the post to remove the offensive language. There was still one offending phrase in there that I removed since it's been sitting all night. We can keep the conversation going here if you'd like.
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I removed since it's been sitting all night.

Umm, URL bug is sitting for 2 weeks now, even after this thread is opened and you were discussing about it, it's not fixed yet.

St8 to the point, bug doesn't bother me.. it's just sad to see no one actually fix it.

However I appreciate your reply and I am sorry for my offensive language. It wont happen in future.
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While the devs are looking at the minor issue being discussed here, please look at the potential of some user names also being truncated. For example my user name (x.15a2) gets truncated following the 'x', due to my name having a period in it. In a perfect world, my user name would be x-15a2 as that this the correct nomenclature, but hyphens aren't permitted. That's why there's a "." in my user name, and that character causes my username to be truncated.

(I seem to get errors if I attempt to enter my username with an ampersand preceding it while posting here. Once I got:
and other times I've gotten:
405 Not Allowed

In any case, not a big deal and I wouldn't give any of this a high priority. But, if it helps, I'll trade you a hyphen for a period!
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@x.15a2 out of topic, just realized snaggy is awesome tool, thanks.
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