[TUTORIAL] How to stay anonymous on Skype

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This tutorial will explain on how to remain 100% anonymous on Skype by hiding your IP.
Since it's quite simple to resolve someone's IP out of skype name.

Okay, first step would be to sign out of skype if you are logged in.

Now find some proxy list which is fresh and up to date.
Example: http://www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list/

Once you decided which one you gonna use, paste them in here:

Now Save to Disk>Desktop

Right click it, and select merge

Reload skype.

To verify it worked, sign in, go to Tools> Options> Advanced> Connection
Make sure your settings are like this. (The IP/Port will be different)

Now you will be 100% Anonymous. If your Proxy ever dies, simply right click the file on your desktop > Edit, and find a new proxy.

Any thanks is much appreciated.

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Hey man, thanks for this, it's really useful. bookmarked.
posted by sec 5 years and 14 days ago Link
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posted by <hidden> • 5 years and 14 days ago

sry but this is now a little bit weird...

I did recommend that DDG should include a proxy service to have the possibility to access blocked websites.
The first one who posted in the corresponding thread was you, while saying that there is no need for a proxy and so on.

Now, because I have some sparetime and wanted to look what others did recommend, I see you post here while you "do" recommend to use proxys from which you "never" know who is the owner and what they will do with your data you will give them. And this shall then be 100% anonymous? Please don't forget that the proxy-owner knows your real IP and that Microsoft, who owns now Skype, can anyway read all what you type, look in your face, while you do it and later can give all those informations to the NSA. Dont you think same, "leet"?

For everyone else, we recommend, that you should only use proxys if you did set them up yourself.

Kind regards,

WSecure - We Secure IT
posted by WSecure 5 years and 11 days ago Link
Thanks for good advise. It helped me a lot.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 9 months ago Link