How To Get Top Ranking in Duck Duck go

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Created: 5 years and 11 days ago

I want to ask you one thing. How to optimize website on duck duck go.

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There is no way to submit sites to DDG, it picks them up automatically. DDG does not publish SEO information. The best you can is to submit your site via Bing's webmaster tools, but also... have a short and specific site title.
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I had same problem with DDC before.
All searchengines did list my site near top (when it was new) after a while but it did take longer for DDC to actually grab it off the others and now you find my site near top (3rd position) on DDC too.

All you can do is showing patience, I assume...

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sry for all the DDC's... not my day... grrr
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If you've got an awesome data source that's the best for a particular type of query (movies, food, math, socks, lipstick, etc)---you can make an instant answer:
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