Search Engines Should Die

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Created: 5 years and 2 months ago • Updated: 5 years and 2 months ago
The kind of "search engine" model Google popularized is a bad idea, in my opinion. I'm glad DDG is providing an alternative, but I think it's stupid to use HTTP/Perl/other crap just to do small little computations (like conversions) which are inaccessible is ridiculous.

Make a native application (NOT CLIENT) which may use the Internet, but isn't primarily a web platform. Well, do that if..


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That would take up lots of space and take ages to set up because DuckDuckGo uses Perl and although the libraries are usually small, there are kazillions of them, and Perl is interpreted so it can't build a binary or anything like that, which sucks but it's fast for String operations which DDG needs a lot of for obvious reasons.
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Are you saying you don't care about actual search results and only want the instant answers?
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Check , it looks like p2p, maybe you would like to join it.
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Just my personal opinion: I think everyone's got used to typing what they want to find into a search box and getting instant results.
Of course you can go old school and rely on remembering the exact address of a website, which then takes out the need for a search engine.
However most people probably find this laborious and it isn't very good for image searching for example.
I think the key is to use a non intrusive web browser and pair it with a search engine like ddg.
Oh and remember some urls! :)
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