Translation token searchs should NOT be case sensitive, bad results

balacobaco balacobaco
Created: 5 years and 5 days ago • Updated: 3 years and 5 months ago
Hello, just started to try a little in here.

It is really bad that a translation search for "try this search" gives no results, while the search "Try this search" gives the correct result. The lack of results on the first case made me initially think that wasn't possible to search translated strings! I accidentaly found it is, later. Bad.

Further, for this specific case, the actual string that I wanted to translate is "Try this search on:". Searching "Try this search on" or "try this search on" gives no results, which is weird to me. "Try search on" was the wanted token? Maybe not.

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Thanks for the pointer. I never noticed this, as normally you would copy&paste the token you search from the page, or at least, thats the only way I used it so far :). I will make this search case-insensitive, so that you get your result. Sadly I cant do much more yet, as its a very primitive search.
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