[LINK] Blackphone - The World's First Privacy Focused Smartphone

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Created: 4 years and 11 months ago

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Awesome article. Thanks
posted by TV 4 years and 11 months ago Link
Silent Circle is doing some weird things in the last few months and I started really to suspect those guys, from Blackphone to Dark mail and all of this things are made behind the closed doors!, Where did they got fund for all of that?
posted by Ramez 4 years and 10 months ago Link
All companies that do this type of service in America are obligated to save data of their clients, i belive they were aimed by the gonvernment and forced to close. Now they want to start selling the apps for iphone but for that they have to show the source code, the only reason that i can think for them to do everything in closed doors is the fear of someone cracking their encryption and for the smartphone i believe they are going to add the price of their apps or ask for a subscription.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 10 months ago Link