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I work online daily and search non-stop and would like to see a feature that allows a person to select a date or time range for the results that show up. Example: Last 30 days, Last 6 months, Last year, etc. A lot of times I'm searching for the most recent data concerning a search. I found this site a few months back and recently read in TechCrunch that you're getting a lot of users migrating from google to duckduckgo. Cheers.

I attached an example screen shot and before you bash it, I understand it looks like Googles feature but how many ways can you really create an original version of something like this. As long as you have the date range option it could look like anything.

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It's an oft-requested feature, but not currently possible to implement.
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ok, so duck's data isn't great for that yet... I'd be interested to know a bit more on why? what's missing? The date feature is one of the few things that drive me back to google..

ps: for those who read this and want a quick work-around:
!gyear, !gmonth etc.. bangs are a handy quick way to get google to do it (:
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