How many people here knew that Google is partnered with Israeli malware producer Conduit Ltd (now Perion)

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The firm points out both Perion and reverse merger partner Conduit have two-year deals in place with Google, and that Perion also has a 4-year deal (inked earlier this year) with Yahoo.

The toolbars bundled by companies such as Babylon, Perion, and AVG have often been criticized as "foistware" that users wind up unintentionally installing, and sometimes have trouble removing.

Perion's two main consumer brands are IncrediMail and Smilebox. The company's products have had over 150 million downloads and have an installation base of more than 18 million. The company's stock rose in value early in 2013 due to strong growth forecasts.[1] This growth is primarily the result of the adware and malware programs it distributes, among them Incredibar (a web search toolbar) and SweetIM (an instant messaging program), which are very difficult to remove after installation.

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You can also search wikipedia for more data on Perion and Conduit
They try to hide the facts so you will most likely find information on stock market and economics websites
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No one here cares about Google man :)
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But, it's good information to know, especially when discussing the advantages of using DDG vs other search engines.
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yes of course :)
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