Duckduckgo outdated on IE 6 and IE 7

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This is by design. What you've encountered using IE6 is the "Lite" version of DDG, which older browsers are sent to because they are not compatible with the full java-script version of DDG.

Due to the mass adoption of new web design practices, web browsers frequently update to make sure they can handle all the new functionality, hence, older browsers are incompatible with newer websites. To get around this issue, DDG provides versions of DuckDuckGo (Lite/HTML) that don't break on older browser versions.
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Thanks for bright explanation, I am glad this is standing on propose.

Btw, does IE 7 is really not capable of handling /?q= , since it redirects me on /html/ page automatically.
Just to make things clear, I am not user of IE, I was customizing user agent on firefox.
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