DuckDuckGo should provide an I2P site. The domain is being reserved for them by a developer.

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Created: 4 years and 10 months ago
DuckDuckGo has shown their support of anonymous communication before, providing a Tor hidden site address for darknet users. DuckDuckGo should also support I2P by allowing access via its network. The I2P domain duckduckgo.i2p is being reserved by an I2P developer, ZZZ, and can be released to you upon support.

I2P is different than Tor, in that it's not an outproxy. All I2P sites are within I2P. It supports domains, bittorrent, serverless email, decentralized filesystems, and many other technologies Tor doesn't recommend.

An additional bonus would be an I2P address for the xmpp server, and maybe federation with I2P based xmpp servers, but that is more advanced.

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Whilst I do not exactly identify as a programming type (have very limited skills there), I have used I2P numerous times & had a good look at a few things.

I would be of the strong opinon of agreeing with you & that DDG should look at setting up an 'eepsite' on I2P for DDG search initally. My understanding is a eepsite would need to be hosted on a DDG server but could run 'jailed/chrooted' so that if anyone did hack it on there it would be contained inside the server.

I could look into this further as I recently reached out to one of the dev's via Twitter regarding I2P but I have not heard back from him yet. I would really like to work on this & take ownership of making this happen.

I'm no expert at Linux though I have been using it since 1999. I feel I could at the very least help quite a bit & further my association with volunteering at DDG.

I'm on XMPP as (I also have OTR for off the record chats) so for quick contact use that.


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This is an excellent idea, has there been any progress made towards implementation?

I know that the CryptoStorm VPN service offers a 'DeepDNS' service whereby users have seamless access to .onion and .i2p sites with a standard browser.

I would like to ditch the cleartext surveillance web entirely someday, and having access to DDG via an I2P hidden site would be an important first step.
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