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I would like a feature that would give me the results of my search, but in a random order. There would be a field where you could choose "randomize top... then you could type in a number, or choose from a list of numbers, say 10,100,1000,10000... and I think "ALL" should be a choice.

So, for example, you would be asking duck duck go to randomize the first 100 results from your search.

The 96th search result would be just as likely to come up on top of the list as would the first search result.

If you selected "ALL" it might seem like a random website generator at times, but not quite.

It seems odd to me that this is not offered by any search engine I have seen.

Duck Duck go is my number one search engine so...

Make it so number one.

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Given that DDG derives its results from multiple sources, I'm not sure that this is possible. What would the purpose\advantage of randomized results be, vs results listed by relevancy?
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader4 years and 10 months ago Link
One reason: There has been many times searching through google that I completely wanted to avoid the most popular results, and there really is no way to do this, no matter how mant filters you put on it. Unless there is a "Show Least Popular" button somewhere.....naw! Goo.gle wouldn't do that!

I think it can be done, but at the expense of speed. Nevertheless it's a good idea, so maybe there could be a button to use after your results are loaded... That could save people days of scrolling their life away.
posted by DyiLiq 3 years and 7 months ago Link
Oh yes, please! Random would be great. A sort of difference from google's ever famous "
feeling lucky
" button if it applies to single results, maybe via !bang syntax. A hashcode for any specific generation so one does not lose their results..?

Maybe that would burden the server side too much. Something a little like millionshort would work with some tweaks. That site seems to love its downtime. Ever since the one result per site feature quietly vanished off the face of DDG, I've constantly battled with the same thing.

That feature was almost the single reason this ddg-er made the initial switch. Aside from decentralization and all. The full description for what each !bang does no longer displays but looking quickly through the list upon triggering !, bangs have been used to sort results (
) and trigger filters (
?). One could either easily reverse the order of results and or for a larger population, skip to the fourth or so "page" with a fastforward button or !action.

One that would work a little easier at least until triggered, is to have a sidebar blacklist on the go. Ie. Per search result, there could be a little "exclude site" (or just "-" with alt text?) next to the usual "more from site" link. Each click of which could, automatically append
to the search query. Or work itself into the sidebar mentioned above, to keep things in the search bar minimalistic.
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