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I've noticed your suggestion to allow ads on DDG and decided to do it. The instructions you provide are for AdBlock Plus. But currently i'm not using ABP, only FlashBlock and RequestPolicy (on Firefox 26 btw). And RequestPolicy shows there's no third-party content on search results page. How can I enable ads in this case?

Or maybe you need to fine-tune your ad-blocking detector?

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Personally I think the reason for this is like follows:

When you go to a website that uses Google Ads or something similar, the content is third party to the client and server (in other words, your browser has to ask for the ad from a different site then the web page). With DuckDuckGo, however, in order to protect your privacy, DuckDuckGo does the ad search for you with Yahoo/Bing. It puts the text of the results into the webpage and sends it to you. Therefore, when the page arrives, there is no third-party content.

As you're using Firefox, I would suggest you get NoScript to block your ads. NoScript blocks JavaScript on a web pages and all intrusive and most image ads use JavaScript or another form of scripts to display. Textual ads like DuckDuckGo's and Google's will still display, but fortunately they don't really annoy me much.

NoScript also helps to stop websites from tracking a significant amount of your personal information (everything sent by the client after the page loads). However, it can't stop any server-side tracking.

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