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So I'm trying to wean myself off google in favor of open-source and non-profit services (I find the new integration of google products with g+ terrifying), but I have one problem. Gmail. It's the only thing I can't get rid of, and though I would love to self-host mail completely, I have no money or authority to buy a raspberry pi or get a linux.

With that being said, will you guys ever host your own email? Or um... duckmail? Quackmail?


Thanks, some dumb teenager.

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No plans for email at the moment:
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Thanks, do tell if this changes in the future, because I checked the options and the services aren't free.

Also, there's a "are you serious?" loop in Roboduck that you might want to fix, if you say no it keeps repeating over and over. And it would be nice if when you type past the "Say to Roboduck box" the text scrolled with you instead of becoming obscured by it.
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Service MEGA.CO.NZ preparing such a solution for its users. Plan to do in a short time email and possibly an alternative to Skype video calling (an option which is already
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I agree private mail would be something interesting to see in DuckDuckGo assortment of services, but you have to understand running Searching Engine isn't easy.
There is many things you need to keep your eyes on, and as DDG team said, they are focusing their time on Search Results and Instant Answers at the moment. So they are not interested into new stuff until they make Search Engine perfect.
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Here, these guys are decent:

Disk less web servers and OpenPGP. Their site requires Java to login but you can also set it up with Thunderbird. They aren't free, but free services generally come with ads anyway (which can be risks). For that price, I feel they're worth it to me- but they also have a 7 day trial thing. The owner used to use Hushmail himself but he got tired of there not being a decent privacy based email. So he made one.

I've also been trying to kick google, their little monopoly is getting out of hand. That, and this latest Google+ stunt was the final nail last year.
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For now I have gmail through thunderbird so I don't even need to look at google, which prevents me from accidentally creating an account by simply being logged into my email.

For me the scariest thing about Google is not their gross privacy violations or monopolistic ambitions. It's the fact that there's a pervasive public perception of them as a company composed of kindly nerds immune to commercial corruption, the whole "don't be evil" bullshit. People buy the character they created for themselves.

It's sad because I remember using Google in the early 00s, the company grew up with me. Now it's becoming a monster. They have their own operating system, their own phone, Analytics is everywhere. What's next, Google Broadband? God that would be terrifying, now that net neutrality is dead...

And have you heard Eric Shmidt's remarks on privacy? Very concerning.

There aren't any free private email services, you need actual computers storing data, not just algorithms, and it would be very expensive to buy data for anyone who asked without making money off them.

Self-hosting is really the only alternative.
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But where would someone even start with self hosting though? Even if you had your own dedicated computer you'd still have to get a domain name for your @ address. (I'm seriously asking, I've never looked into it). And then you're still at the mercy of your ISP (though OpenPGP would still help that).

Some ways I don't even know if DuckDuckGo should have an email service, or at least there should be more providers who offer privacy based email (to prevent the whole "I must use only services offered by one company" sort of mindset, like Google).

Start Page started which I guess plans to be another paid service. was another option, and a free one. But having an email linked into the Tor network proved to be risky and they were indeed finally shut down. And that is another point of why "free" services don't/wouldn't last long- the blackhats, carders, spammers, etc would take advantage of it all too quickly. (and they still do for paid services, but it's harder)

Countermail is still what I use personally.
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Thankfully, as the internet becomes more monopolistic, technology allowing for things like self-hosting have gotten a lot better as well.
I've been looking into +

I have no idea what to do for ISPs, America's broadband sucks (and I think everyone should get the internet from satellites for free, we just don't because there's no money in it).

Also, holy flying fuck GOOGLE IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD
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I was reading this the other night and I remembered your post about the raspberrypi. Though it is from 2 years ago. Linus Torvalds:

" LXF: Have you heard about the Raspberry Pi? At least in the UK, it's really captured everyone's imagination.

LT: It's slightly too slow for what I'd like to do.

The thing can actually output on to a real monitor, but then apparently it can't play YouTube, etc, and if it can't make things like that smooth, then it's a bit too slow.

LXF: The problem is it requires some firmware which isn't open source.

LT: Plus it's like two to three years old, the SoC on that board, to keep the price down. I think it's a compelling idea.

I really like the notion of having hardware that's so cheap you can basically give it out to kids, and 99% will never use it for anything, because they'd rather play; but if you give everybody the possibility of maybe noticing that it's cool to hack on things like that, I think it's great.

I suspect that the next generation is going to be sufficiently better that you can do some things with it."

But I also thought your satellite idea was neat. Kickstarter has seen a few satellite projects funded a while back. If someone had a concept to get free internet going I bet it'd be funded. They'd also be making money by selling the hardware needed to connect though. And then it'd have to compete with Fiber.
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Nikola Tesla designed the Wardenclyffe Tower to provide people with free electricity and wireless tranmission, but some dick who realized he couldn't profit off it withdrew funding.

Our broadband sucks. Our telecommunications suck.

I have no problem with corporations, capitalism is fantastic—when there's competition. I have no problem with government, democracy is fantastic—when our representatives aren't paid off by special interest groups.

It would be so easy to give the world free internet, without corporate or even government control. There used to be public television, now analog is unsupported and you need to pay for digital cable.

If anything should be free, it's information.
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