Request addition of option to filter search results to HTTPS only URLs

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Created: 5 years and 2 months ago • Updated: 5 years and 2 months ago
I'd like an easy (checkbox?) per-search query option to limit the results that I see, to those sites that will respond to the query over SSL.

- I search for some query like "query I'd prefer NSA wasn't monitoring"
- I get the standard list of search results for all sites matching the query
- Somewhere on the search results page - eg under teh More / Privacy "menu" - I get an option to "Limit to HTTPS sites"
- If I select the option, the search page refreshes, and only contains links to sites that will answer the query using https
- If selected, all subsequent search result pages (scrolling down etc) will only be https links that are known to be encrypted. This means not simply trying "https", but actively filtering out results that aren't actually known to honour https. There are plenty sites that will "accept" a https URL, but redirect to a http URL.


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Does exactly what you're describing, but better and for more sites besides DuckDuckGo:

HTTPS Everywhere
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The OP is asking to filter results on DDG, which is not something HTTPS everywhere does (as far as I know?). Note that DDG itself does use the HTTPS everywhere list to switch as many results as possible to HTTPS.

To the OP -- noted! I think that does sound like a handy feature. It's doable with a userscript at the moment, feel free to do that and share if you know any JavaScript.
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Well I think halfway it does at least by making sites that do provide HTTPS to use it instead of HTTP, which was one thing he wanted.

Search results for sites that ONLY support HTTPS/SSL is going to be very slim though (he'd be getting 0 results for many of his searches I'd bet) since hardly many sites use it for privacy, or at best only support it in certain areas (think Amazon login).
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I'll add too, that, while that'd also be great for DuckDuckGo to have a search filter like that especially for Tor users- again, the results are going to be a very limited handful of sites.

But, I'd love to be proven wrong here. I wish HTTPS/SSL was a web standard. Most sites too are turned off from using it because it can cost a lot in yearly fees (multi hundreds of dollars minimum a year) in paying a third-party SSL service for their site/s to support it.

See also:
Many sites that offer HTTPS/SSL don't even do it as great as they could. Check the ratings.
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One last thing and I'll shut up for now.

This post and its links are a great read:

Basically HTTPS while I believe is still waaaayyy better than nothing at all, can still have faults.
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