SpyHunter4 scan shows DuckDuckGo as a malware

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I did a scan of my computer today using SpyHunter4 malware security software and it came up with six separate "threats" all related to PUP.DuckDuckGo. The statement with the items flagged said "DuckDuckGo.com uses misleading practices to hijack your browser, search results, and other internet settings. Once installed, DuckDuckGo.com may lock your settings to their servers, and may intercept and track your web searches and other data."

I am a bit surprised that DuckDuckGo is being flagged as malware since this is supposedly the antithesis of what DDG is all about. What gives here?


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SpyHunter is not a reliable tool--there are actually other spyware removal tools which call it malware. Feel free to do some research on that yourself.

To be clear: DuckDuckGo is very transparent, does nothing to your browser without your very very explicit approval (i.e. deciding to install it all by yourself), never does anything to prevent itself from being removed (we have very clear guides on removing it; see the Help tab above), etc.
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PUP mean potentially unwanted program (might not be harmful, just most probably unwanted)

long ago when i was still on windows years ago, it got install together with something program and it overwrite my browser homepage and default search engine which took me quite a while to reset it back to 'normal' (main reason it is detected as a PUP)

and you shouldn't really need to be too worry about PUP if you want and install it yourself
and lots of new/unknown program also get mark as PUP

if it's really is harmful, it would be mark as virus, worm or trojan instead of PUP

if you are still worry about it, maybe you should switch to linux (but not ubuntu) cause window virus doesn't effect it nor does it have any 'real' virus
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The message you're getting is their "catch all" message for ANY sort of "search bar" type of potentially unwanted programs. When your security software can slip up that bad as to detect DuckDuckGo as a false positive anything- I think it's time to switch.

Malwarebytes is a good free scanner. http://www.malwarebytes.org/

For free full time anti-malware, there's things like AVG and Avast.
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