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Created: 5 years and 1 month ago
Will Duckduckgo have shareholders?
Will your privacy policy change?
I'm guessing the information is already on the site, but I was curious.

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“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Meaning, who even knows where they'll be themselves years from now.

Look at Sourceforge, which provides open source programs to be downloaded. They now serve adware.

We as consumers can't do anything but keep an eye on things. And if there's no decent options available, then maybe we can even make our own thing. When you had mentioned self hosting (in another thread) for example that was interesting- it's the exact opposite of all the "cloud" crap that's rampant and in some ways a step backwards to the days of computer timesharing. Even as bad as "Google Fiber" seems (all ISPs are pretty crap), at least then we'd all have a bit better bandwidth to actually do more self hosting.
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I like that quote.

Google Fiber's silver lining is that it will increase competition in telecommunications (or as the government classifies internet, "information services") and hopefully encourage cable companies to follow suit.

I don't understand "the cloud". It's nice for the public domain, but why would anyone want their personal documents on some satellite somewhere?
Seems like google is taking "storing the world's information" to a disturbing level.
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There are things like Dropbox that even EFF rates pretty decent which I guess are considered "cloud services". From last year:

Then there's other things, like Facebook which I read today purchased an APP for $19 billion (enough money where they could build the Burj Khalifa, the One World Trade Center and the Shanghai Tower side by side). I'm not against people making money, but I think the world could do better without Facebook. If you notice too, most successful sites seem to have this mock idea of end user control. Ya know, the sort of "we'll let you make your profile, and let you edit a few things and you can be your little crazy self and have fun. But the end of the day, we own you and whatever you upload". Things being free and people not caring about how a thing works so long as it does is a big reason why some things continue on.
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I deleted my facebook account a month ago, good riddance.
They say it deletes everything but they probably have shit stored about me still. I have no idea how they bypass standard privacy laws for minors.
I tried to email them revoking my consent to their continued storage of my personal information (per Massachusetts General Law Chapter 93H and 201 CMR 17.00 and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) but you need a facebook account to contact them because they have no info or appeals or support email.

I had never even heard of Whatsapp before yesterday. I'm the odd technophobic geek. I respect monochrome monitors and vacuum tubes far more than smart phones and HD. I have a free IPhone (by upgrade) but I haven't even opened it, I hate the thing.
The only phone I've ever loved was a Nokia 3310.
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You will have to wait for founder @yegg to answer you these questions, while waiting I recommend you to inform yourself more about company here
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