Privacy of my searches and browser issues (Chrome)

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Does anyone know if we have to worry about the current version of chrome collecting data from our searches in non-Google search engines and feeding that data back to Google? I know it sounds paranoid, but I used to be in IT doing database stuff, and if I had no conscience and wanted to know what kind of searches people who didn't use my search product (but used my browser) typically made, it's something I'd do. I'd probably rationalize it by saying we collected it in a "non-personally-identifiable" way (fib) to improve the quality of our products, blah blah blah, and hide something in "terms of use" that sounded harmless about collecting data to improve user experience, blah blah blah.

So my question is, have they done it (yet)? Are they tracking our non-tracking?

Pardon my paranoia, but their recent buy-ups of everybody who's anybody in AI and robotics for Uber-Big Data and their very ambitious (stated) research goals would practically require an "All Your Data Are Belong To Us" approach.

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Firefox. Now. Stay away from it, it's very dangerous.
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Not that I know of, duckduckgo has their own suggestions on how to stop the tracking in chrome and other browsers.
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