Incorrect Stackexchange (Stackoverflow) instant answers

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Created: 4 years and 11 months ago
Sometimes when you search something software releated in DDG you get an Stackoverflow instant answer. The problem is that these instant answers often are completely off-topic (for example when a search term is an example string in the SO post e. g. "münchen" - that's a city!) or only somewhat releated to the search (e. g. "PyQt 5"). In the description of instant answers it says they should be better than normal search results, but the Stackexchange results usually are often not, so maybe you should just disable them.

I'm sorry if my english isn't very good

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You can disable instant answers in your settings
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Thanks, I'm sure that the devs will want to look into this. Could you please provide a few complete sample searches that can be used to replicate this symptom?

Thanks for the info!
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So heres what I've found:
This instant answer is somewhat too specific, I searched for "Python shell" generally, not the EMACS Python shell. It's not a that bad result, but it's not worthy of being an instant answer.
So this one's definitely off-topic, I serched for Perl scripts not for converting Perl scripts to shell scripts.
This Stackoverflow Question is about two things (or more precisely, about how to combine two things, actually lots of Stackoverflow questions are). This makes it an inapropriate instant answer, too.

These are only some incorrect instant answers from Stackoverflow. I think I've seen more incorrect/off-topic instant answers from Stackexchange than good one's. A way to approch this problem would be only showing instant answers from Stackoverflow when all the questions tags are in the search term. This way you would get rid of the two-topic answers, which are most of the bad instant answers.
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