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I have been using DDG as my primary search engine for about two years. Recently I acquired a Nokia Lumia 520 running Windows Phone 8. Since I am primarily an iOS user I have added DDG to my speeddial/top sites page in Safari. Similarly in Windows Phone I would like to "pin" the DDG website onto my homescreen for quick access (IE does not support DDG as a default). Unlike iOS, there is no custom DDG logo for WP. Instead, "pinning" the site simply causes a screenshot of the search page to appear. This is admittedly, an aesthetic problem but since I need to see this tile at all times on my homescreen it makes a difference. As a website admin I know that Apple uses a file called "apple-touch-icon.png" for this purpose. Windows Phone uses a different process that is documented here:


I realize that Windows Phone holds an insignificant share of the smartphone market and that you must prioritize other platforms, but this change appears fairly easy to implement and in my opinion, would be a major improvement.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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Good idea
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Hi there,

Just to let you know, Surfy for Windows Phone allows you to set DDG as your default search provider.
You can download Surfy for free

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