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Created: 4 years and 7 months ago
Hello, I am French and I think it would be useful to translate instant answers, or then make available tutorials in several languages ​​explaining how to create in his native language,
And so in the future sort goodies by language

Have a nice day !

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It's definitely on the roadmap but not something we've been able to get to easily. We're hoping to have this on our radar this year, as an expansion to the current translation system.
posted by zac Staff4 years and 7 months ago Link
This have to be done if DDG wants to get more fans.
posted by TV 4 years and 7 months ago Link
I would like to see this, since I am from Germany and prefer results in my home language.
posted by clel 4 years and 7 months ago Link
This is definitively THE important point for developping DDG oversea. I don't see why it is so difficult: the majority of useful instant answer come from Wikipedia and Wikipedia has a lot of translation...
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 7 months ago Link
The last post in this topic is about 7 months ago - any progress?

It would be great if commands like "weather in X" would also be available in other languages (like German).

I may translate some english instant answers into german if there is a way to translate them and integrate them into DDG.
posted by Leseratte10 4 years and 8 days ago Link
It would also be great if we can (for example) link the instant answer "dhl 123456789" to a DHL tracking page dependent to the user's region - DHL America has another tracking page than DHL Germany.
posted by Leseratte10 4 years and 8 days ago Link
Hello all,

I'd be totally ready to help on translating goodies and instant answers into french.
That is definitely true that it'd be awesome to have instant answers available in several languages.
Like "Météo Paris" that would get the same results as "Weather Paris".
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 4 months ago Link