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What cheeses me off?

I'm in Australia, I nominate that in the setup, I even use "Australia" in the search but typically what comes up. Yes, you guessed it, American sites.
Why ask to nominate it in the setup. There is also a capacity to know where I am anyway. Why can't we ask for only local content? That would actually be helpful.

I am sure this is not the 1st time you have this complaint. Perhaps your designers don't realise that other places exists outside the US.

This site is no better or worse than any other so stop pretending you are actually trying to offer a better service than Google and the others. You are not, it just about the money and you are bull sh...g us.


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Do you have specific examples (query, and what you expect to see)? You are somewhat correct in that none of us live in AU, none of us are likely to search for things in AU. That means, to an extent, we depend on users like yourself to make detailed reports so it can be improved.
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hey BW,
first, "it's not a bug, it's a feature" - DDG's stance against personalization and "bubble filtering" means that the search engine tries to be as egalitarian to all its users. See for more on this.

However, if you *really* want to receives websites in a specific language you can use the site: operator. For instance, "car rental" as a partial solution OR you can modify the default settings on by clicking "More" > "Settings" > "Region:Australia" and it should work.

The region settings returns pretty local results for me. If it doesn't maybe you should list an example here as crazedpsyc said.
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