"currently in theaters" or does ddg use ip addresses

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Created: 4 years and 8 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 8 months ago
On the "DuckDuckHack: Toward Better Instant Answers!" page it gives the examples of using a query "currently in theaters".

When I try this I get movies being shown in California whereas I live in New Zealand - a long way for an evening out.

Does this work in the USA or is the whole feature a bit defective ?

More generally I'm interested to know to what degree DDG uses your location in making search results. I've noticed that search results seem less aware of where I am than those from Google and I assume this was because DDG was deliberately not taking my IP address into account for the purposes of privacy but if that's the case how is "currently in theaters" ever meant to work ?

tl;dr ? To what degree do DDG search results take account of ones location ?

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Not sure exactly what that instant answer is doing, but I can answer the bigger question.
Your IP is never used to geolocate/personalize regular results. Never. You can manually change your location in the settings for those.

Instant answers (that gray box at the top of results) do sometimes use your IP, e.g. weather. GeoIP is always done on DDG servers with a local database, so nobody else gets your IP--just your approximate location, in those few cases.
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