DDG eating features in GMail? anyone else having this problem?

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Created: 4 years and 7 months ago
I was ready to complain to GMail, then followed their instructions in their Help pages, and it seems the problem is DDG.

In the past 24 hours, all Rich Text options (the buttons) have vanished. Actually, the functionality is there if I click over the blank space where the buttons should be located. The "hunt the button" game is getting thin. Also lost the button than allows me to center up a message for typing (drives me nuts: GMail's "upgraded" layout puts the message-in-progress in a wee window at bottom right of the screen; kink in neck!)

According to Gmail Help, this may be because I'm using an "unsupported browser" (When I tried opening my GMail with Google itself, the problem vanished -- all formatting buttons were visible.) Here's what GMail says:


Is this the big G's way of squeezing DDG? This problem is new within the past 24 hrs.


There are a few reasons you may not see the latest features in Gmail.


If you sign in to Gmail using a browser that isn't fully supported, you'll automatically be directed to a basic HTML view of our service. To make sure that you can always access your mail, we've developed this basic HTML view that's compatible with almost any browser.

Since your browser isn't fully supported, you might notice that some of your favorite features aren't available in the basic HTML view, including the following:
Spell checker [mine is OK]
Keyboard shortcuts
Creating filters [seems OK]
Adding, editing, importing, or deleting contacts [seems OK]
Custom 'From:' addresses [OK]
Rich formatting [lost buttons; functionality still there but cloaked]

If you're directed to the basic HTML view of Gmail, but you'd like to try using the standard Gmail view, visit: http://mail.google.com/mail?nocheckbrows.... Keep in mind that standard view may not work, even with this link, if your browser isn't supported.

For access to all of Gmail's features, sign in from a fully supported browser, and make sure you have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

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DDG is not a browser, it is a search engine -- that article is not talking about search engines. Search engines are just websites, they cannot make any difference with the other websites (i.e. gmail) you use. That is also definitely not the HTML version of gmail you're seeing -- it's not crazy broken like you've experienced, just less blingy.

I will say, it's quite strange that the issue only occurs when you use DDG, but I also don't fully understand what you mean there. When you go to GMail, what web browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) do you use? Are you switching to Google Chrome when you say "tried opening my GMail with Google itself," or are you searching for "gmail" on Google rather than on DDG?

In the former case, what web browser are you switching from?
In the latter case, does it work when you click a direct link such as this: https://mail.google.com ?
I don't actually see how the latter case could happen, but interested to investigate this further.
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Thanks for responding, and apologies for being a techno-klutz.

As browser, I use Firefox almost exclusively, with DDG as a search engine. My Firefox is up-to-date. I do not use or have Chrome installed. I do have (and very occasionally use) Internet Explorer (also up to date).

To get the Rich Format back in my GMail, I first closed Firefox/DDG, then re-opened Firefox and selected Google as my search engine. I googled "g mail log in", logged in and -- hey, presto, all features restored. As of 5 minutes ago, it seems I can once again log in via Firefox/DDG and access the Rich Format tools in GMail. So it looks like this may have been a by-product of Google tweaking GMail, and probably transitory.

Probably unrelated, but yesterday at the same time, I had problems with Yahoo Groups (all of the several I'm in) refusing to "compose message." When I e-mailed the message from my GMail account to the YGroup, the messages were posted with no problems. Yahoo has definitely been tweaking their e-mail & Groups,with relatively minor format changes showing up recently. (The Big Gulp changes were August / Sept. 2013 -- caused a user furor.)


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