Being able to jump around search results pages (SRP's)

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One of the things that has stayed the same for nearly all search engines since the "beginning" is the long list of links. For most search engines, these links are listed in some sort of order (e.g. from most to least relevant, or most recent, or most popular, etc.), and then one has to clikc on a "next" arrow or button or press a sequential number, e.g. 1 2 3.

Other search engines, such as the ill-fated Cuil, allowed users to page through listings via arrows "<" or ">".

DuckDuckGo has a scrolling, "never-ending" list of links.

One downside of this is that those links that are earlier or on the first SRP are seen by most. Hence, the ferocious bidding or fights to get on the first page or near the top of the first page, this is the reason for much of Google's revenue.

But, they are still sequential lists. I'd like to see if DDG will consider a slighlty different approach. First, allow a "hover" view that shrinks listings (as if being viewed from far above in a balloon or aircraft) and allows one to then click anywhere in those listings to then "jump" to that listing. This allows users to go to links much farther down the line, and reduces the need for listings to always been near the top to be seen. For page-based search engines such as Bing and Google, a hover view would allow people to click on a SRP much farther along. Either way, once clicked, that page would then return to normal size and allow its closer inspection by the user, who can then select a more refined listing from that page.

Some email programs work this way, allowing users to zoom away from their email messages to see an overview, and then select a closer view of a group of messages later on.

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