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I'm having mixed results with DDG's search relevancy. I think what it boils down to is that it takes multiple clicks in DDG to find relevant results due to the "More from" method of grouping search results by domain. Google, on the other hand, usually shows 3 to 6 more relevant results in smaller font below the first result for that domain (although they often add other primary results from the same domain farther down in the search, which is weird). Please see the screenshots. So would it be possible for DDG to automatically expand and indent more relevant results from each domain?

Thanks a lot for making DDG.
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Historically, we've always shown 1 results from each domain with the "More From __" option being available in the bottom right of each result.
We're evaluating some potential fixes for times when you know you really want results from 1 domain. Any other examples you can churn up would be great!
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Thanks a lot for the reply.

Seems like a good middle ground would be to offer a configurable option of grouping results by domain, grouping with:

1. Indented expansion. Ranking would be based on a combination of a TLD's overall relevancy to the query compared to all other domains, and then pages inside that domain expanded and listed below it, ordered by relevancy compared to other pages in that same domain, followed by other slightly less relevant domains and their respective sub pages, if applicable. So:

This is similar to how Google does it, except that Google sometimes combines and then later repeates TLDs, which is messy, like this:

2. Single-level mixed results from different TLDs, possibly repeating the same domain based solely on relevancy, like this:

3. Group everything by TLD the way that DDG does it now by default.
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I would like this feature as well to group good results from the same side, if there are more than one relevant results from one site.
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