HTML version not updated

Choca Choca
Created: 4 years and 7 months ago
if you go to you see the old look

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posted by buckeye 4 years and 7 months ago Link
I think the html version should be kept just as it is, so that people who don't like the new look can go there. I do like the new look, but I notice a lot of people complaining about it.
posted by rocketpenguin23 4 years and 7 months ago Link
oh that's great! I believe the reason to this is because it is JS heavy.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 7 months ago Link
Please leave the "old" look on!!
It is nice and clean - and much, much faster to load.
posted by duckorange 4 years and 7 months ago Link
The new one is so much better!!!!!!!!
posted by Choca 4 years and 7 months ago Link
I can understand that some people have a preference for the old DDG style but the two different methods of searching were not created to allow the user to change the appearance. While I think it would be a good idea allow people to choose bettween the old style and the new I think users should be able to independantly choose between the two methods of searching (GET, POST).
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 5 months ago Link