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All of my favorite features of DDG (other than the privacy) are gone with this update. I registered just to comment that I will be looking for a new default search engine, and may come back to DDG to see if it is any better at a future date. By "better" I mean:

1) Bring back the drop down menu. That was my favorite feature, as it allowed me to quickly switch between sites. The auto suggest is NOT a good replacement for this (and I agree with many others that the auto suggest is annoying. The lack of an auto suggest feature was one of the reasons I liked DDG in the first place).
2) Change the format. The new one looks horrible, and I can only see 4-5 sites on the page at one time, even if I change the text size to small. Compare this to the 7-8 per page on StartPage and 8-9 per page on Google.
3) Make it easier to get to the images, videos, maps, etc.; not just see a small strip at the top of the search page (without having to use the !Bangs).
4) Stop changing which tabs are at the top of the page (e.g. images, maps, etc.) based on what I search for. If I want to search for "cat," and then look it up on maps for some strange reason, this should be easy to do.
5) If auto suggest is the only drop down menu we will get, make it so the ! works in the small in-browser search box. Otherwise I have to search for a term, then on the search results page, type in another term. Much more time consuming.

I don't hate updates, but I do hate updates that remove all of the functionality which made me use a program in the first place. I hope DDG can correct some of these unfortunate mistakes so I can come back to DDG at some point... I liked the old version so much!

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Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you are having issues with the new site! Here's some background info on your numbers:

1) Unfortunately not many people used the drop down and everything you used it for can be achieved by adding to your search query (without any clicks and without auto-suggest, which you can turn off in the settings). It was simply a click-way to access bangs, but those are all typeable as well. We would like to find a better way to expose bangs that most users see and use, but that one was not getting it done. We are still exploring a better way and plan to do something in this area in the future.

2) You can customize this format completely in the settings to your liking. Try the retro theme and making results wider and smaller in particular.

3) We are thinking of ways to be able for you to jump into grid view, but haven't had a good solution yet. Note if you haven't seen grid view, click on the icon in the upper right of the image strip and it will expand to fit your screen.

4) There are dozens of tabs and ultimately we hope 100s. They are not all relevant to each search, and we're trying to show the ones that are relevant. More and more should appear over time.

5) What browser is it not working for you in? This is a bug we should fix. In any case though you can turn it off and use settings to make it look more like the old site.
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Regarding point 2) and font size, one thing that needs to be fixed in Settings is that the "Medium" size is actually larger than "Large (default)" for some reason. Also, it would maybe be nice to have an option to condense the text/layout, rather than change the font size. When it comes to how many results fit on a page, I don't really think the font size is an issue, it's more a result of the spacing.
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I have a problem with number 4 on the list. You're basically deciding what is relevant rather than letting users decide for themselves. There will be cases where you either end up with too few tabs and miss the ones the user actually wanted or having too many tabs and cluttering the page (a big problem on mobile devices).

Why not just let the user customize which tabs always show up on the top page? They can always change it later if they don't like the mix. People setting up a fixed set of tabs plus !bangs for the tabs they use infrequently just seems like a better system.
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Hi everyone,

The drop down menu was more intuitive for basic users and I don't think it disturbs the geeks (who prefer bangs I'm sure !).

Thanks for your job.
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Though you people do a great job :)
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Hi - agree & lament the move away from intuitive to a struggle to work with. Loved the DDG principle but if they make it so hard to use then what's the alternative?
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