Annoying top part of page.

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Created: 4 years and 8 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 8 months ago
Find a way to erase or collapse the top part of the page that starts with: Apps - Image - Videos..., please!!!
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The answer bar is designed to provide better information than the links. We're sorry if you do not like it, and we anticipate that some people will not. That's why we created a setting where you can choose for it never to open by default. That should be working in the settings page now.
posted by yegg Staff4 years and 8 months ago Link
No way to get the old 0-click answer box ? Outside of using the html version.
I don't want to disable the feature completely, but I want only a short summary (the about) and don't want anything else to pop if there isn't. An option to allow this behavior would be fine too.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 7 months ago Link