Please consider restoring the great features of the classic DDG and stop "bubbling" users through limiting top subsearch options.

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Created: 4 years and 6 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 6 months ago
Under the new, "improved" DDG, we get autocomplete ON and the fabulous drop down menu no where to be seen, and fewer listings.
Please consider restoring these features (drop down menu, more listings on the screen) and making autocomplete/autosuggest OFF as a default if we want.

I miss the ability to sort by date by using the drop-down menu. Yes, I know I can type "sort:date" but most newbie users won't know that.
Bangs are great if one knows about them, but again newbies probably won't know about them so they won't be aware they can use them.

Lastly, by putting up subsearch options such as "images", "video", "news", "meanings", "definitions" don't come up for all search terms. So by limiting which of these options come up, DDG is in fact "bubbling" searchers -- just as it claims to not do so. And some searches also do NOT bring up an option. For example, searches for "antelope", "buffalo", "bear", "eagle", "elk", "manatee" do not bring up Maps, when there are places with these names (e.g. Antelope County , Nebraska; Antelope, California; Antelope, Newfoundland -- yes, there is a marquee that comes up, but no Maps option). Even a search for "Antelope, California" does not bring up a Map option.

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Bubbling is showing different things to different people by default. That is not what is going on here. We have 100s and in the future we hope 1000s of possible tab states. They are not all relevant to all queries and we're showing the ones we know are relevant.

We are looking for ways to expose bangs more, but the drop down, while liked by few was hardly used at all in the aggregate so unfortunately also wasn't a good way to expose the concept to new users. We're working on a much better way but it wasn't ready in time for this launch.

We're also working on a better sort by date functionality. Unfortunately for that too, the functionality had degraded to a point where we didn't think it is worth promoting until we deliver on it in a more useful fashion. It is certainly something we're actively working on.
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But why not keep the drop down bangs for those that know/use? Plus there must be ways to indicate this (as the new screen now gives all sorts of advice which I don't need & is annoying)
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Okay, I am willing to wait and see how things turn out after all these months.
BTW, Antelope, California now produces a Map option -- nice.
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