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I am a contributor, bot-based data-importer, and researcher of Wikidata. Wikidata, if you don't know, is Wikimedia Foundation's latest project to convert Wikipedia information into a semantic store, and put in a central space for all different language versions of Wikipedias (and Wikisource, and Commons, and Wikivoyage) to use. I wouldh have suggested using Wikidata as an instant answer but it's scope is larger than that. Even DDG seems to treat WIkipedia differently than other sources, and Wikidata's scope is larger than Wikipedia. How is Wikipedia information used right now? Perhaps using Wikidata can improve this.

For a fun example of how Wikidata can answer questions, browse it, or check out this prototype "Wiri" (like Siri ans Wiki together) to show some of it's answering capabilities.

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I like this stuff! I've seen it before, but only really considered it useful for relational / explore queries. We have a project that's been on hold for a while called 'explore mode' that would allow users to explore the WP dataset from the SERP in an associative manner. What information in Wikidata really shines? I'm sure there is a ton I'm missing.
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Actually now that I'm think of it, the best part of Wikidata might be it's connectedness of labels and descriptions in multiple languages. For instance, see the item and play around with the language selector at top.

Another part of this could be that it knows which topics are "subclasses" of others which could be usefull for zooming SERPs.
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FYI I asked to implement Wikidata into 0-click infos [1]

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