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Can you specify a time range for search results like what google offers as a part of their search tools?

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Funny, I just logged in here to request the very same thing.

Searches I do keep bringing up results from say 2007 and as such are not relevant today (security software searches for instance)
How easy/hard it is make DDG search by time I would not know, but please try to add this very important search engine feature.
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I would like to add that (as far as i know) Google does not offer a trigger word for this action (weirdly enough, Youtube does). I would personally find extremely useful if DDG implemented such feature.

For example "duckduckgo whats new, this week" would immediately return a result i was looking for even if there were numerous iterations and thus "whats new" posts about DDG in the past.

You get the point...
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I use StartPage presently. I was about to switch to DuckDuckGo as I liked a lot of what you're doing, but then when I saw the time range search feature missing a la the following:

I decided to hang tight until you get this implemented. I like the appearance that I have set up and am all ready to start using you for my hundreds of searches a day, but I have to hang tight until you implement this.

Also a request was made for this here:
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