Yahoo URL changes broken my /etc/hosts configuration

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Created: 4 years and 7 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 7 months ago
Hi, I have my browser (opera) set to search via Yahoo, then with a hosts file configuration it goes to Duck Duck Go.

This doesn't work anymore. I used to have this in my /etc/hosts file:

but now my browser seems to be using this address for yahoo searches:

I tried adding some lines to the hosts file:

but it doesn't really work. It goes on DDG with this search query: "yhs/search"

Do anyone know how to fix this? Can ddg take care of it?

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There should be no need to use the hosts file hack for Opera - I just launched it on Linux, went to, right clicked the search box and selected "Create Search" - is this option available to you?

Thanks for the heads up on the hosts file changes, I think the docs will need to be updated.
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I can Create Search but I cannot make it default.
It appears that only the pre-shipped search engines can be made default.

This way I cannot use the address bar to enter search terms and go to DDG, nor have DDG searchbox in the start page.

Opera is sadly slowing down in listening to criticisms, ant it's been a while since the only solution was to edit the hosts file.

Opera now behaves like explorer on win8, so I rely on the hosts file. Now it appears that opera point to a new yahoo address and this is why I was asking help, since only editing the hosts file is not enough anymore. DDG gets confused on what to do with the redirected URL.

i.e. searching for QUERY ends in this URL:

Thank you
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Ah, I see the Windows version is different. Current Linux version is 12.6 - whether this is just ancient or they version them separately I don't know, but you can set a user added search as default in Linux. I was not able to do this with the Windows version.

The thing is, the hosts file solution is a hack so I'm not sure how receptive the team would be to adding another hack to the site to support a hack. I'll pass on this issue nonetheless.

For now, all I can suggest is that you use the keyword set up when you added the search or you use one of the other sites in your hosts file as described on the help page:

Though as it points out, if you add bing or google to the hosts file, it will override that entire site.

Odder still, is that the Yahoo thing still works for me in Opera on Windows - it still uses - keen to find out if anyone knows why a different url might be used in this case.
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