Why Privacy Matters

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I just watched a most compelling Ted Talk regarding personal privacy. (Sorry, he uses the "G" word a time or two.)
From Ted Talks-
The line between public and private has blurred in the past decade, both online and in real life, and Alessandro Acquisti is here to explain what this means and why it matters. In this thought-provoking, slightly chilling talk, he shares details of recent and ongoing research -- including a project that shows how easy it is to match a photograph of a stranger with their sensitive personal information.

If you use a streaming device to watch Ted Talks, look for Alessandro Acquisti: Why Privacy Matters or to view from your computer browser, go to:


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Just got around to watching this---good stuff. The facial composite bit was really interesting too. This guy has a really great background/experience in the variety of areas that make it such an interesting talk.
posted by zac Staff5 years and 3 months ago Link
Very interesting talk; thanks for sharing. Aside from all the interesting research that he did on the subject, he also wanted us to do something about it: "And at the risk of playing the serpent, I will tell you that the tools for the fight are here, the awareness of what is going on, and in your hands, just a few clicks away."
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