Impossible to look through new translations because of translations with spaces

Andrius Andrius
Created: 4 years and 7 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 7 months ago

I'm looking through the new translations that users have submitted over existing ones but it's impossible to look through them as most of them are like:
Original translation: "XYXYXYXYXYXY";
Offered translation: " XYXYXYXYXYXY";

Basically, just a space added in front of it. I've looked through plenty of new translations and 99% are like this. Some event have 1 votes for them so they will get used instead?

It's annoying :(

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Are you trying to say the translations look like the originals, or are you saying they literally look like X's and Y's? Because if so, I'm not seeing that, try clearing your browsers's cache.
posted by severuscold Translation Manager4 years and 7 months ago Link