I clear my cookies at the end of a session

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Thanks for the workaround suggestions guys... not quite what I'm looking for. I'd much rather have a page design that fits with the software standard that keeps everything on one page: Especially with a "settings" page and especially with a feature that allows the loading of settings from the cloud. The developers have incorpaorated the facility for the important reason of user control of privacy.

As workarounds go, the only setting I really need is "region" (so that inappropriate regional links dont come first in searches) and it's easier to change the region in "settings" than it is to scroll down and load my cloud settings.

The reason I posted my "want" is so that the developers might consider bringing the page in line with international software standards

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The problem you are encountering is "repetitive logins in the cloud", and why is that I ask, it is because you clear your cookies(where duckduckgo cloud data is also stored) each time you end a session.

The solution here, is not to clear your cookies if you so wish to not "scroll down every time I use duckduckgo".

Suggestion: Maybe instead of deleting the cookies each session, try deleting them daily.
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DDG does not place cookies in your computer.

Instead, in settings (bottom left hand corner) Bookmarklet and settings data <<<bookmark or speed dial the address you get for this after loading your settings from the cloud. You get your settings as a URL parameter bookmarklet.

What would be cool is if somehow we could add the bookmarklet URL address to the search engine search box.
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Aramith, your information is incorrect. DDG does place "non-personal settings cookies" in your browser, but ONLY if you are using the cloud to upload and use the settings.

For more information about the cookies, please click HERE.
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I'd suggest (untested): backup the cookie file after the cookies that you want to preserve have been written. Then replace the link/entry/shortcut that starts your webbrowser with one that copies the cookies back into it's original place before starting the webbrowser.

You'd probably have to remember to repeat this procedure once in a while, as the formats might change over time.
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