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It's a long time i'm using ddg as main search engine (together with ixquick). Since recent, ddg seems improved a lot to me, so i'd like to tweak it a bit to my needs: One point is, to have opened search results *ALWAYS* (and by default) in new tabs. I do not see, how to do this in ddg.

Sure there is always the CTRL+mouseclick (or rightclick) option. But sometimes i forget, and because of my browser settings (for privacy) after following a link *IN* the search result, i'll loose the results page.

And yes, i set the "about:config" -> to true ;-)

The browsers i use are Firefox/Iceweasel and Midori.

Thanks in advance for any pointer!

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Go in settings and set "New Window" to ON.
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Just how I resolved this problem a long time ago and still using it every single day:
I always use my third mouse button (the scroll wheel) to open a link in a new tab.
This is very handy because I almost always have the scroll wheel at my fingertip to search through the results. Almost every mouse got this and I use it on every Windows and Linux system (within a GUI of course).

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I would use keyboard shortcuts.

Arrow to the results and then hit: Ctrl/Cmd + Enter

Also maybe remove the pop-up blocker and use keyboard shortcut: v

However that is just me I guess. :)
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