is there a way to make the dark theme permanent?

<hidden> anonymous
Created: 4 years and 12 days ago • Updated: 4 years and 12 days ago
I often wear dark glasses because I have a problem with light - and the dark theme is really helpful.
Is there a way to make this permanent - it currently reverts to white every time it opens.

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Do you save your settings with cookies? Does your browser maybe delete them?
You can use this url anyway:
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 12 days ago Link
If you are using Firefox you can try this method until something better comes along
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 9 days ago Link
Try customizing the setting to your preference, then grab the url given for either the cloud bookmarklet or the parameter and use that for your homepage. Voila, your settings are saved for every time you log on. That what I do in IE11 since it doesn't save cookies after I close the browser
posted by Mallart 4 years and 7 days ago Link