[Doodle-suggestion:] 35th anniversary of Venom (a supervillain in the Marvel universe)

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Created: 4 years and 5 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 5 months ago
Can we please, please, please have a special doodle for the 35th anniversary of Venom (comics). Well, he is my absolutely favorite super villain of all time! :D And I would really LOVE a special doodle for him! :D ^_^ xD

Please note that I'm referencing to the Venom (when the host is not Spider-Man), but one of the others (preferably Eddie Brock). :D

As far as I can find out the date would be April 10 1988 cf. Amazing Spider-Man #299...... wait, wait... aahh, damn it! Okay, so appearently I misunderstood something :(... so the "black suit Spider-Man (i.e. Spider-Man hosting the symbiote and therefor NOT venom) (cf. Amazing Spider-Man #252) is the one calebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Damn! :(

Okay, so I'll just have to wait till 2018 for my favorite supervillain to have an anniversary... :' (
Damn it. Well, I'll just wait then.........

tick tock tick tock....

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