[SOLVED] Can't add the Firefox search engine

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Created: 4 years and 25 days ago • Updated: 4 years and 24 days ago
Hi everyone out there! =)

I can't add the DDG search engine to the list in Firefox.
I'm using Ubuntu 14.04. It's possible that it may have been there by default but I deleted everything in the search engine list right after installation (which is commercial websites mostly). Anyhow, DDG can't be added to the list, because "the name already exists". I only ever ran into this error with DDG.

Firefox could not install the search plugin from "https://duckduckgo.com/opensearch.xml" because an engine with the same name already exists.

This has been an issue for weeks for me. In the meantime, Google is still my default search engine and I accidentally use it half the time, which isn't something that I wish.

Didn't anyone else have this issue? I've seen at least another post about this on here, but no solution came of it.
Thanks for your help!

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What files do you have in /usr/lib/firefox/distribution/searchplugins/locale/*language* ?
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$ ls en-US

$ ls fr

I'm using Ubuntu in English, but my country, keyboard, dates, etc. are in French.
I tried removing duckduckgo.xml from those directories, but I still can't add the search engine.
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Try replacing the entire code in another search engine file, eg.bing.xml, with the one present in duckduckgo.xml, does it fix it? That would be an odd workaround, I know.
Or just backup your settings and create another FF profile ("firefox -P" in terminal).
Anyway the solution is probably easy but I don't know where that info could be stored, maybe asking in mozilla forum is the best help.
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Have you tried the Firefox plug-in “Add to Search Bar”?

Saves messing around with xml files and always works for me. It even allows me to add DDG serveral times. I've done it by accident and with different regions.

1. Add the Firefox plug-in “Add to Search Bar”
2. go to https://duckduckgo.com/settings
3. set your region, language and other preference
4. click “Bookmarklet and settings data” at bottom of the page
5. click the long URL revealed by the bookmarklet
6. right click the DDG search dialog box and select “Add to Search Bar...”

If you set your theme before you set your region the URL link will also rest your theme.

So not only will this set DDG as your default search engine in Firefox but it will remember your settings even if you delete your cookies.

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This worked! Thanks a lot for pointing out this add-on!
Now I have working fine. This is great!
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> 6. right click the DDG search dialog box and select “Add to Search Bar...”

I'm having exact same problem :/

However it looks like DDG removed opensearch funcionality as mentioned above and the only way to add it is to install extension?! :/
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Please reference my answer in your other post.
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