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I've got a jailbroken iPad, running iOS 7.1.1. I'm interested in taking full advantage of DDG in Mobile Safari. I've had little trouble finding info on making it the default search engine (by modifying ~/Library/Safari/SearchEngines.plist). But, in particular, I'd love to not ping the goog for search term autocompletion. I see that DDG offers Autosuggest/Autocompletion via plugins & built-in browser support. But not mention of how to implement it in a browser that offers no support, like Mobile Safari in iOS. I'd imagine be via the "SuggestionsURLTemplate" key…

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I no longer have direct access to an iOS device but I can suggest that you try the DDG app from the Apple store because it has Auto-Suggest built in and (I believe) be configured to launch your browser when the correct result is found.

I've read about a tweak named Platinum that's available from the ModMyi repository in Cydia, but I don't know if it's !G specific or not. There are tons of tweeks in Cydia, should be able to find one there.
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Don't jailbrake use mercury browser
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Sadly, the DDG app is only designed for iPhones (and not even the taller iPhone5?)… And, for using another app (either dedicated DDG or another browser), I'm really looking to maintain the simplicity of one browser that shares seamlessly well with my other iOS/MacOS devices, while not handing any more data over to the big goog in the sky ("clouds"). From what I can tell, Safari can easily do what I'm wanting. It'll just take some knowledge of how Apple uses SearchEngines.plist, be it already known by someone else or derived on my own.

Besides, I've got other fine reasons to jailbreak.
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