Keystroke Logging by Google

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Created: 4 years and 4 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 4 months ago
I am very concerned about privacy in the new online world, as many people here are! I have heard rumors that google logs keystrokes! Is that true!

P.S. I have made the full switch from google to DDG!

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I don't know if anyone outside of Google knows if they log keystrokes. However:
- It is possible and legal for a website to log keystrokes when you're on their page
- It is possible, legal and easy for a website to log keystrokes when you're typing in a text field of theirs
- It is possible (and perhaps legal) for Google to log your keystrokes in their Chrome browser.

- Use a free/open-source browser such as Firefox
- If you're using Firefox, use NoScript to block scripts
- Read through your settings in applications and on sites carefully and remove anything that could send data back to a server (unless absolutely necessary).
- Read Terms Of Service and see what a site is allowed to access and use. I know they are tedious but you can usually skim through the heart attack disclaimers. :D

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