Advertising and affiliates

DuckDuckGo generates revenue in two ways, while upholding our privacy policy:

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate revenue


It is a myth that search engines needs to track you to make money on Web search. When you type in a search, we can show an ad just based on that search term. For example, if you type in, "car" we show a car ad. That doesn't involve tracking because it is based on the keyword and not the person. We currently show just one ad though as opposed to the many you'll find on other search engines. Advertising on DuckDuckGo takes the form of a sponsored link which appears in a yellow highlight above search results. Sponsored links are currently syndicated through Yahoo!. They look like this:

If you see any low-quality sponsored links, please report them.

How to advertise on DuckDuckGo:

The advertising we syndicate through Yahoo! is part of the Yahoo-Microsoft search alliance. By default, when you sign up for a Bing Ads account, your ads should automatically enter rotation into all of Bing's distribution channels including DuckDuckGo. If you'd like to double-check that your ad is set up to run on DuckDuckGo, perform the following:
  1. When signed in to Bing Ads, click the Campaigns tab.
  2. Next, click on your Campaign Name.
  3. Then, click on your Ad Group Name.
  4. Now, click Settings.
  5. Locate the Ad Distribution drop down. Depending on your Bing Ads account type, you can select either "Search network" or "Content network" (see screenshot below). Content network includes all Bing networks, including the Search network.
  6. Then, click save at the bottom to finalize.

Affiliate revenue:

DuckDuckGo is part of the affiliate programs of the eCommerce websites Amazon and eBay. When you visit those sites through DuckDuckGo and subsequently make a purchase, we receive a small commission.

This mechanism operates anonymously and there is no personally identifiable information exchanged between us and Amazon or eBay. These links are regular organic links (like any other link in our results) and these programs do not influence our ranking or relevancy functions in any way. That is, they are not advertising like paid placements or paid inclusions, and we only generate revenue from them if you ultimately find them relevant enough to end up purchasing an item. For more details, check out our privacy policy.