We (DuckDuckGo) are actively looking to expand our core staff! We are headquartered in Paoli, Pennsylvania, but remote work is in our DNA. Most of our team works remotely around the world (including Ireland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Canada, and the Netherlands as well as NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, SF and Tahoe within the US).

    In particular, we're currently looking for new team members in these areas:

  • Business Development (grow distribution and DuckDuckHack partners).
  • Front-end developer (Javascript and/or CSS expertise required).

We have a unique hiring process in that we look for DuckDuckGo users who are passionate about what we're trying to accomplish: delivering a world-class search engine with great results and great privacy and with open-source instant answers at its core.

    Great DuckDuckGo staff candidates tend to:

  • Think from a product perspective (vs pure engineering, ops, design, etc.). We're a mass-market consumer product company, and making a simple, elegant and useful product is at the center of everything we do.
  • Exercise autonomy and good judgment on what they should be working on, which we refer to as staying on critical path. Quite simply, we don't want to micro-manage anyone, but to make that a reality means people need to understand our product goals and objectives and help us execute them effectively.

Being effective in a start-up environment is a quality that is hard to assess from afar. As such, we like to assess it through working with people for a period of time. The progression usually looks like:

Show initial interest --> Contracting on projects (1-3 months) --> Staff

We recognize that this process is very different from the regular resume/phone screen/interview hiring process. As such, we've found that our process isn't a good fit for those who are seeking immediate employment, but is a good fit for those who have some time to understand the DuckDuckGo environment and figure out if a staff role and its responsibilities would truly interest them.

If you're a passionate DuckDuckGo user and you'd like to be considered for hire, please follow these steps:

  1. If you're a developer or sysadmin, please try your hand at a DuckDuckHack Instant Answer:

  2. If you're not a developer, try contributing to Duck.co:

  3. Introduce yourself! Send us email at iwanttohack@duckduckgo.com answering:

    • How long have you been a DuckDuckGo user?
    • How did you come across our hiring page?
    • What product feedback do you have for us (emphasis on the negative)?
    • What do you consider your specialty or specialties?
    • Where can we find more about you online?
    • How do you think DuckDuckGo can grow our user base by an order of magnitude?
  4. Work with us:

    • Once you reach out, we'll review everything you send us and answer any questions you have. We'll also ask a few of our own and assess whether there's a fit for a paid project or other next steps. When in doubt, reach out! We're looking forward to hearing from you.
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