We are actively looking to expand our staff! We are headquartered in Paoli, Pennsylvania, USA, though most of our team (of about 30) works remotely around the world (including Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, and the Netherlands as well as PA, NY, CA, IL, CO and MA in the US).

We have a unique hiring process that includes contracting with us first to see if there is a good fit, and we're happy to work around your current schedule. This hiring process is very different from the regular resume/phone screen/interview hiring process. You can find out details about it here.

We look for DuckDuckGo users who are passionate about what we're trying to accomplish: delivering a world-class search engine with great results, great privacy, and with open-source instant answers at its core. Joining our small team is a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on a major consumer product that shares your values, and have fun in the process (we like our memes)!

As such, the best candidates have an ability to think from a user experience perspective (vs pure engineering, ops, design, etc.) and manage projects and time effectively (since we have a lot of autonomy and no set work times). Internally we try our best to empower our staff to make decisions, manage projects, and contribute to product development. We emphasize building trust, collaboration, and personal accountability.

If you'd like to be considered for hire, please introduce yourself!

Send us an email at iwanttohack@duckduckgo.com answering:

  • If you can remember, how did you first hear about DuckDuckGo?
  • How long have you been a DuckDuckGo user (it's OK if you just found out about us -- we know we have work to do there!)?
  • How did you come across our hiring page?
  • What position are you interested in?
  • What do you consider your specialty or specialties?
  • What product feedback do you have for us (please be as expansive as possible here, with emphasis on product criticism, the more specific the better!)?
  • What do you think we should work on next and why?
  • Where can we find more about you online (please include a resume if you have one)?

We're looking forward to hearing from you!