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We're always looking for innovative ways to improve and spread DuckDuckGo. Below lists the main areas where we partner and guidelines for using our technology.


Since we produce our own extensions and apps for the major platforms, we've found people increasingly confused as to what was produced by us and what was produced by others. We encourage you to use our official APIs listed, but please also follow these guidelines when promoting your applications:

  • Please don't use DuckDuckGo in the title. (There can be exceptions so please contact us if you think you have a case for doing so). Mentioning us in the description is fine.
  • Please don't use Dax (our mascot).
  • Please don't pair our search with something that has another privacy policy, like another auto-complete service that tracks people, as doing so gives users a false sense of privacy.
  • Please don't include our search results in any sort of frame (whether desktop or mobile) that makes our site embedded within another Web application with the notable exception of browser integration. We simply don't have the rights to allow framing based on how we generate our search results. For clarity, browser integration where there is an address bar and our site (with branding) takes up the full screen is just fine and encouraged!
  • Please don't use our URL parameters to strip our branding from our site.
  • Please give us attribution where it makes sense, and where you do link back to the encrypted version of our homepage.

If you have any questions about applying these guidelines in your specific situation, please get in touch.

DuckDuckGo as a Search Option

We have many partnerships with apps, browsers and distributions that include us as a search option:

If you want to add us as a search option, please contact our business development team, as we have some standard ways to easily make this happen.

DuckDuckGo Site Search

We offer site search that enables you to put a stylized DuckDuckGo box on your site which will take your users to DuckDuckGo when they click it. You can further customize the results pages to more match your site. However, because of the way we generate our search results, we do not have the syndication rights to allow third parties to completely syndicate our results. Please see the guidelines above, but this effectively means is you cannot keep the results on your site.

DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API

We have an open API for our Instant Answers (displayed above our links) based on our open source DuckDuckHack platform. This API is not a way to get our full results (including links), and has its own attribution guidelines.

Get in Touch

We're always interested in exploring more opportunities but we get a lot of inbound partnership requests, so it helps to be as specific as possible when suggesting a potential partnership. We simply don't have enough time to do everything right now, and so what we work on has to be compelling. Please send an email to