Quack & Hack Meetups

Lead a Co-Hacking Meetup Group

Passionate about DuckDuckGo or open source? Love hacking with other people?

See our current worldwide meetups: https://www.meetup.com/topics/duckduckgo/

The Mission

Quack & Hacks are monthly meetup events that bring together coders of all types to learn about and contribute to DuckDuckGo via open source Instant Answers. For every search, there can be a great Instant Answer which gives you what you're looking for in few or zero clicks. In order to have a great Instant Answer for every search, we need a diverse open source community creating/maintaining Instant Answers for the topics they care about. As an organizer, you're in charge of leading your city and how they can learn to contribute knowledge and code with the DuckDuckHack open source community! Our mission: an amazing Instant Answer for every search.

We'll provide support, materials, merchandise, and sponsorship for food/drinks at every event! We want your group to be a major influence in our community and to our search engine so we'll be here to help you long-term.

Become an Organizer

Organizing a meetup group is a fun and rewarding experience. Organizers are in charge of everything from meetup venues to working with the DuckDuckGo staff on improvements to our global community.

If you'd like to start a meetup group in your city, send an email to meetup@duckduckgo.com with short answers to the following questions:

  • What's your name?
  • What city are you representing?
  • When are you thinking about hosting the event?
  • Have you contributed to DuckDuckHack before? We prefer that organizers have sufficient knowledge of DuckDuckHack code to lead a group.
    If Yes, please link to your Instant Answer file(s)
  • Have you hosted meetup groups before (technical or non-technical meetup groups)?
  • Where do you plan to hold your meetup? If you're not sure yet, just tell us a few places that would be ideal. These should be specific venues that you've confirmed will accommodate your group (co-working spaces, university conference halls, or even friendly coffee shops, if the group is small).

We'll reach out and provide materials to help you get started as an Organizer as well as book your first event.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!